Welcome to Mulberry & Hare

When you've grown up in the countryside it pretty much becomes a part of you. I don't believe there is anyone who has had a childhood playing in the woods, making dens and living in muddy wellies that could ever want to move away from the simplicity that the country provides. ​


I started this business with the one drawing that now, still to this day, is my most popular design, the march hare. All my designs are influenced by my love of nature; I wanted to create country-inspired marble ware that everybody would fall in love with and wares which would suit any home. ​ I use the most unique pieces of natural marble for our platters and coasters to ensure the rustic character. This means every single product is quirky and individual. ​


I hope you enjoy my products as much as I do. My home is filled with so many pieces that I have fallen in love with over the past collections and every time I use them it reminds me of the beauty within nature. 


With Love,



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